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"A free 2D MMORPG that is Old-School RPG done right!" -


The Realms of Loria is a totally free online role-playing game experience. It is Browser based, and no plugin required. It is known as the ONLY RPG of its kind with high quality 2-D graphics. Start out as one of six unique base classes, explore a vast world, fight monsters, help the side of good, evil, or just stay neutral! Level up and gain spells, weapons, armor, powers, and unique abilities! The game is still in the works, and is getting better every day! Welcome to the future of browser-based gaming!

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Update: 4/19/17, 8:06 PM CST - James
The game went down when our host upgraded the server and its related technologies. I just now fixed it. Apologies.

Update: 3/13/12, 5:35 PM CST - Bob
Yo dawg, I heard you like games that work. So, we moved the game to another server using a different platform that caused it to derp. So you can derp while you derp. Or something to that effect.

Translation: Several errors were caused by a server migration. These should be mostly resolved. Also, yes, this is Bob. Fo reals' yo.

Update: 3/12/12, 4:40 PM CST - James
We are aware that Loria is currently down. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please know that we are looking into and trying to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Update: 8/10/11, 7:19 AM CST - James
Hi everyone. We're putting the game back into active development. We're going to be taking many of the features that we already had under development and pushing them to the live game over the next couple of months. Our main goals right now:
  • Update game UI
  • Streamline game UI
  • Implement the non-refresh movement that's already in existence in our private beta server
  • Revamp the starting area/tutorial
  • Finally add in main storyline/plot
You'll notice this isn't monumental, it's just consolidating the work we have already done into the playable game. I'll try to have an update each week on our progress.

Update: 7/19/10, 8:32 AM CST - James
I just wanted to update and say that we're not sure what's in the game's future. Matt recently got a job at Google, Bob is still working on his PhD in Computer Science, and I'm working on another masters degree. If we do continue development of the game, we would probably be interested in working on implementing it in HTML5 which would allow us to achieve our vision without having to do a bunch of magic behind the scenes. I still have hope for this game.

Update: 1/22/10, 10:18 AM CST - James
I haven't gotten the new site done yet. But if you want to see a preview of it, including a preview of the new art direction of RoL, go here.

Update: 9/21/09, 8:19 AM CST - James
I'm working on a new website design because this one is old. Stay tuned.

Update: 5/22/09, 2:12 PM CST - James
Not too long after I posted the sad update below, I got an e-mail from a guy who has volunteered to help us with our artwork. When we get something to show, I'll show it. Until then, we're not dead, and it looks like we're moving forward.

Update: 5/13/09, 7:54 AM CST - James
Our super secret project has fizzled, for now. There were some major technical complications that kept it from becoming a reality. I still don't want to say what it was, just in case we figure out how to overcome them.

In other news, the future of RoL is really up in the air. There's no development going on right now. It is true that we go in bursts as far as development activity, but this time it may be the last. If we decide we're done, we've considered open-sourcing it, so no matter what, they game won't die. Hopefully it won't come to that and we can get back on the horse soon. I'll keep you posted.

Update: 2/24/09, 1:35 PM CST - James
We're still working on the super secret project, and progress is being made. I just wanted to update everyone that we're still on it. I promise that the Loria community will get the first preview of it. Until then, thanks for playing the game.

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